Single Phase Transformers

Single Phase Oil Filled Distribution Transformers (5KVA to 200KVA)
(CRGO Silicon Steel)
SLVI’s Single Phase Oil Filled Distribution Transformers are designed to effectively improve the quality and reliability of the electrical distribution system. SLVI specializes in the manufacture of Pole type Silicon Steel Transformers.
Technical Specification: Applicable Standards: IS, IEC, ANSI, JIS, etc, Cooling: ONAN, OA, Insulating Fluid: Mineral Oil to specification, Frequency:50 Hz, 60 Hz, Polarity : As specified, Primary Voltage: Upto 33 kV Class, Secondary Voltage:120, 120/240, 210-105, 250, 240/480 V, Winding material : Copper / Aluminum, Taping range:± 5% in steps of 2.5% (Other taping as required), Impedance : In line with applicable standards.