We supply a comprehensive range of competitively p.riced, standard and customized, Power and Distribution Transformers. The capacities range from 5 kVA to 3150kVA and upto 36kV. All Transformers are manufactured in accordance with internationally recognized standards

The Continuous efforts to upgrade the Technology and commitment to supply quality products, is keeping us ahead from our competitors in the market. Our Quality control department conducts all the required tests for checking the quality during the various stages of on-going production /  manufacturing activities and after the complete assembly of the transformers. The routine tests adhered according to IS: 2026/1977 and also IEC – 76 as required. We constantly strive to upgrade our R & D Work and make all necessary modifications according to the changes followed in the market.

With a commitment to continuous improvement, paving a way for vertical integration, the Research & Development wing of SLVI has been painstakingly working round-the-clock to develop new products, better and improvised manufacturing processes, usage of modern technology and enhanced materials for the benefit of customers. This would prove not only economical in terms of cost and energy but would also give an all time superior product to provide total satisfaction to the end user.

Best feasible design is selected by varying flux density, winding current densities, core height, CRGO grade, conductor type etc. Current distribution in windings, magnetic flux distribution in core, Impedances, Optimum places  for transposition, load loss, no-load loss, sound level, hydraulic calculation of cooling system, heating of core and windings etc. are calculated and verified to be within acceptable limits.